Snapshot of Goa

The versatility of Goa as a tourist haven in India is insurmountable. Located on the coastline of the Arabian Sea, the state boasts of its immaculately luminous beaches and extensive stretches of perennial greenery. Goan culture is highly influenced by the Portugese, owing to the 450 years that this Indian state was ruled by them. The population of Goa is a mix of all religious communities and yet there is an air of harmony in its diversity.

The ingenuity of Goan beauty goes beyond its white shimmery beaches and the turquoise blue water of the Arabian Sea. The architectural eminence of the Portugese engineering and the serenity of the environs will enchant you once you explore the interiors of its villages. The hospitality of the Goan people and their rich cultural heritage is sure to knock one out.

The commonly used language is English, however the local language is Konkani. The polished lifestyle of Goans and the cosmopolitan culture of the state makes it a perfect destination for tourists from all over the world. The ease with which one can communicate here, also adds to the magical effects of holidaying in Goa.

Photography by Gautam Karkal

Photography by Gautam Karkal

The appetizing Goan cuisine is sure to make its way to your heart through the stomach. The Xacutis and the Cafreals of chicken/ pork/mutton/baby shark are the most zestful of them all. The delectable Goan desserts include Bebinca and Dodol. But it is not limited to the above, you will not be disappointed for food in Goa. There’s a wide array of Continental, Mexican, Italian and Chinese specialties available in eating joints spread all across the state.

The best time of the year to visit Goa is from October through February. However, monsoon in Goa from June to September is also a sight to behold. The lush greenery is in its prime during this time of the year.

Photography by Gautam Karkal

Photography by Gautam Karkal

Goa is primarily bifurcated into two segments – North Goa and South Goa.

The buzzing atmosphere of North Goa attracts a lot of foreign as well as Indian tourists. Most of the clubs, pubs and discotheques are located here and that is one of the reasons for tourists thronging this place all year round. Places of accomodation in North Goa have only been mushrooming and the tariffs vary depending on the conveniences one is looking for. But if you want to have a good party time and want to put up in North Goa then there is no dearth of options in different categories of guest houses and hotels.

Top five things you can do in North Goa besides going out clubbing although it tops the list of activities for tourists:

  • Go for a hearty swim, but make sure you check the tides.
  • Relax under the sun on one of the beach chairs and pamper yourself with a full body, head or a foot massage.
  • Just sit by with your glass of colorful mocktail in one of the beach shacks and enjoy the tranquility in the air of Goa.
  • Indulge in some shopping of Goan artifacts.
  • Eat authentic sea food that includes Crabs, Mussels, Squids, Lobsters, Oysters etc, cooked in Goan style or any other style of your choice.

South Goa on the other hand is known for its placidity. The white sandy beaches are perfect for a family getaway. There are some lovely beach tent house resorts, which offer all the facilities and comforts of a good hotel. If serenity could be personified somewhere then it is in this part of Goa that still has a treasure of virgin undiscovered beaches.

Top five things that you must do in South Goa:

  1. Go for a sail in the deep blue waters early in the morning and be one of the fortunate ones to be sailing with the dolphins
  2. Go for an Ayurvedic massage in one of the spas.
  3. Sunbathing with your friends is something one must not miss
  4. Scuba diving, water skiing, para sailing and other water sports.
  5. A candle lit dinner with your family on the beach
Photography by Gautam Karkal

Photography by Gautam Karkal

List of things and places of interest in Goa:

–          Churches in Old Goa

–          Ancient temples in Mapusa

–          Goan Spice plantations

–          Dudhsagar waterfalls

–          Madei Wildlife Sanctuary in Sattari Taluka

–          Flea market in Anjuna

–          Goa Carnival

–          Fort Aguada in Sinquerim

The list is endless for a place as divine as this. Please add more spectacular places that you may have visited while in Goa. I will keep adding more posts to this page as and when I gather more information. Keep watching this space for more !


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