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Who am I:

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I am an ex-Taj and ex- Marriott employee. Most recently I have worked for some of the big multi national companies in India and have been fortunate to gather a lot of experience in different fields that has added a lot to my knowledge bank. The two most important things that I have learned in all these years is:

  1. Keep your customers ahead of any business goals.
  2. There is nothing called a “Negative Feedback”. Feedback is your mirror and one can only use it to their advantage and keep improving. Continuous improvement is the key to success.

During my tenure in the hotels, I had the opportunity to coordinate a lot of high profile events and I still treasure the hand written notes of appreciation left by satisfied guests of the Hotel.

For me its all about engaging with my guests and put a personal touch to delivering on their needs and requirements.

My reward is my guests going back home with fond memories of the place and people they interacted with.

Hope you give me a chance to work for you !!!

Thank you

Madhumita Arolker


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